Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh, i'm a slacker!!

you see, i've been meaning to write...

in other news, it's been crazy hot and humid... which makes training (and all other things that take place outside of my air-conditioned walls) unpleasant and rather miserable.

we hosted a big yard sale fundraiser this weekend... lots of former TNT teammates donated stuff for the sale (thank you!) and a colleague of my husband donated his driveway and yard (because he lives in a good yard sale-ing neighbourhood)... and we raised almost $350.

unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whether or not you're standing in my kitchen) there was a lot of donated stuff left over... so i'm now at a loss about where to store it (other than my kitchen) until such time as we can throw another yard sale.

the team is rapidly approaching it's first double digits run... Saturday will be a 10 mile run, and the majority of the team has never run that far. in fact, many of them started saying "this is the furthest i've ever run" once they hit the 4 mile mark.... and every week thereafter!

one of our teammates has yet to come to a group training run... and i was telling him that he might really enjoy the group runs now that the mileage is getting up there. saying things like "20 miles is a really long distance to run by yourself"

and then, my little brother called to tell me he and his fiancee have finally set a date to get married... and it is Oct 9th of this year... which just happens to be the day we're scheduled to run our 20 miler.

so it looks like i will be running 20 miles on my own... at high altitude (well, significantly higher altitude that Virginia).... possibly with a touch of jet-lag... and possibly the morning before the wedding.

which means i'll probably sleep through the whole ceremony. every wedding movie shows an elderly relative who nods off... i'll do the honours this time 'round.

if they're lucky, i won't snore.