Saturday, August 23, 2014

autumn race schedule...

i've been in a bit of a slump... work has been busy and stressful, my energy levels have been lagging (as they often do during the heat of summer), and though i have wanted to want to run... i just haven't been feeling it.

that said, i have set myself up with a busy autumn race schedule... so i guess i'd best get off my arse now and get ready!

went for a run at Fountainhead this morning... met some friends, ran some hills, enjoyed the overcast morning, until the skies opened and we got soaked. by the time i made it home, the worst of the rain had passed over, so Remsen and i ran another 2 miles together... and then Maya helped me cool down with a half mile meander through the neighborhood.

it's pouring rain again now... so, rather than mow the lawn as i had intended to do today... i went for a pedicure.

i've been avoiding doing that, as my toes look horrendous! a few of the toenails i damaged running Raleigh fell off in June, after running Hatfield McCoy. one of them fell off a couple weeks ago. and the final one is still holding on, but is black and dirty-looking.

thanks to a very nice and understanding pedicurist... the worst of it is hidden under a modest coat of pain.

with any luck, they will have all grown back by January, in time for my next marathon with Team In Training... Rock & Roll New Orleans! If you're in a donating kind of mood, and would like to support the work of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, please click on my fundraising page widget in the upper right... and make your tax deductible donation there!

as always, i am ever so grateful for your support.

autumn race schedule:
Diva Wine Country half marathon - Purcellville VA
Canada Army Run half marathon - Ottawa ON
Reston Perfect 10 - 10 miler - Reston VA
Dirty Damsel trail half marathon - Rosaryville MD
Army 10 miler - Arlington VA
Run for the Parks 10 k - Washington DC
RNR Las Vegas 5k - Las Vegas
RNR Las Vegas half marathon - Las Vegas