Friday, October 29, 2010

Marine Corps Marathon is just around the corner

I'm feeling woefully unprepared.

I missed our 20 mile run because my brother got married that morning, and the next morning I was recovering from the wedding... and that night was Canadian Thanksgiving... and the next morning we got in the car for a 9 hour drive.. and the following morning I spent the day traveling to get home.

And then it took a week to recover from my travels... and besides, we had a 12 mile run to do on Saturday and then it was time to taper before the race.

So, no 20 miler.

Not that that is a crisis, because in each of my previous two marathons I also missed the 20 miler for one reason or another.

But, since getting home I've really been struggling with fatigue. Some days are good, some days I feel like it is all I can do to muster up the motivation to do the daily household tasks.

My runs are getting slower, and involve more walking.

And I'm feeling a little down on myself because of it.

That said, when Sunday morning rolls around, I will be up and out of bed early... off to meet my friends and Teammates at the start of the race... I'm going to complete the race on my own two feet, no matter how tired I get.

Because I can.

And because there are people who can't.