Saturday, August 29, 2009

catch up, cont....

since i got back to Virginia, i've finally focused on some fundraising. as a team captain/mentor, my fundraising requirements are significantly less than they were as a simple participant... however, i've still got to do some fundraising... and i was slacking on that while i was in Canada.

so, i hosted a bakesale... it was hellishly hot that day, and all the icing on the cupcakes melted and slid off into little sticky puddles... but the banana bread held up nicely. my teammate Donna donated some chocolate bars to sell as well, left over from one of her fundraisers.... and they melted too, but are still delicious (as my husband can attest to... he is my biggest chocolate purchaser to date!)

then i attended a Dinner Done fundraiser for teammate Ronda... wherein we went to the Dinner Done location, assembled some tasty meals for future cooking, had a few laughs, and then went out to dinner whilst our assembled meals did a little pre-cooking in the hot sun.

here we are a'cookin!

we had some running adventures the following week, when we had our 14 mile run. longest run to date, hottest training day to date, on a busy trail, for a scheduled "hills" run.... and we ran out of water and gatorade. not the best run... but a good challenge to overcome during training so we won't be thrown so far off balance if things don't go as expected on race day.

here we are getting assembled for that run:

and then we had a momentary reprieve from the heat for our 10 mile run the following week... not only was it cooler, but one of my favourite teammates from last season came to staff our water station. yay Sara! (and current teammate Donna)

missing my 16 mile run

so, i was supposed to be running 16 miles this morning, but have done something to my neck and cannot run... cannot bend over to do up my shoe laces, for starters... cannot glance over my right shoulder to check my blind spot while driving to meet the team either.... and the jarring impact of walking makes me feel as though my right eyeball is about to shoot out of the socket, so i can't imagine i'd enjoy running.

thus, i find myself blogging about running instead of doing the running itself. but don't you worry, i'll be logging those 16 miles later in the week. all by myself.... (poor me)
kidding... my fellow teammate Ronda is out of town at the moment, and so she's going to run it with me when she gets back.

so, let me catch you up on the last month of training.

when last i wrote, i was just arriving in southern Ontario... where i had some lovely runs with my mom. got lost and ran a few extra miles, but lovely nonetheless...

Kissing Bridge Trail - Elmira, Ontario

like my "t-shirt tucked into skirt so i don't have to wear it 'cos it's stinking hot out" look? i learned that from my mom...

Bayfield, Ontario

here's where we got lost... missed the road we were suppposed to turn on...

Friday, August 28, 2009


okay, so i've been absent for about a month... no excuses.

lots of other things have been going on though... i've participated in a couple fundraisers, some for me, some for other people. and i've almost reached my fundraising minimum (but am no where near my personal goal boo :( but i'm still working on that.

i've had a few great runs, and a couple terrible runs. (details on those later)

i've organized some events to help my teammates "connect to the TNT mission".... volunteering at our local Life With Cancer Family Center.

and now, i'm feeling like writing again... so i'll catch up on my posts soon.