Tuesday, May 19, 2009

running dreams

i was going through some old e-mails this morning, looking for a particular one because i was sure i had some info i need posted in an e-mail somewhere...

and i came across this one from October 17, 2007. reprinted here for your reading amusement:

i dreamed we were getting ready to run a half marathon together... Mummer, Liz, Jill and i... and Cath and Molly were staying in the bleachers with all our bags of stuff to take pictures of us when we crossed the finish lines. for some reason, the race started in the rodeo grounds, and the toilets were disgusting... Jill was showing us the enormous blisters she had on the bottoms of her feet (they were huge!) before the race started, and Liz wasn't sure she really wanted to do it... so they took off while Mummer and i were in line to get the tank tops with our race numbers on, they were green... i was #917... i don't remember what you were, Mummer... and i was wearing a green skirt and black wooly tights... not appropriate for running so i stripped off the tights... and we were trying to put our shoes on when the starter gun went off... so we were late starting... and you were running really really fast. i kept calling you to slow down because i was worried you'd burn out, and then we turned the corner where we exited the stadium (where the race started) and suddenly we were the only ones running in tank tops and short skirts in the heavy snow...
then Francisco's alarm went off, and i was bummed because i didn't get to see if we managed to finish the race.
the end.

Clearly I was destined to run marathons... although there's no fear of running in snow any time soon!

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