Saturday, July 4, 2009

Running in lovely cool Nova Scotia - photoblog

i'm home for a little while, finishing up my Masters... and am delighted to be training in the foggy cool weather with my mom. today's run was a 6 miler (10 km) along the ocean...

started near home, and ran past the place that we sprinkled my brother's ashes last summer... had a little weepy moment, but in a good way. it was beautiful and peaceful there.

hit the turn around point and stopped for a little photo break before climbing back up the hill.

my mom gunned it to get up the hill, or perhaps she was just trying to get far enough ahead that she'd hardly show up in the pictures, since she'd stripped down to her sports bra...

personally, i found it to be lovely and cool after the Virginia heat.

stopped to check out the flowers growing on the beach around the 6km mark... artemesia...

and rugosa roses

left mom at the car and ran the last 2 km while she drove home, and was thrilled to find that dad had a dinner of fresh fish and veggies (that we had picked up at the market early this morning) waiting for us.

it's been a good day :-)

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  1. What I wouldn't give to have someone to prepare dinner for me when I got home *sigh*

    The run looks fantastic myfriend. One day, we'll do something similar together :o)