Friday, November 6, 2009

it's official

i got the green light from my physiotherapist to start running this week.... no more than a couple miles, he said. and if that goes well, we'll work our way up week by week. so i'm headed out for a run with my old teammate Ronda tomorrow morning early (just to keep myself mentally ready for the fact that the alarm will ring early every Saturday morning from the beginning of December until the end of April.... that's a long time to go without a sleep in!!)

last night was the first meeting for the Spring Season mentors and coaches. i won't be the mission mentor this time around, as my friend Sara scooped me on that one! but i will be a regular mentor, and that will be just fine too :o)

so here's the plan...

as you know, i had to defer my race plans for Marine Corps Marathon due to injury. so all the fundraising that i did for that event will go to meet my fundraising goals to run the National Marathon here in DC in March... although i will likely just do the half marathon, as i've also signed on to fundraise for and run the Nashville Country Music Marathon in April!!!

very excited.

wondering if i'll be able to run it in my finest cowgirl finery and some fancy boots?? or if i should just stick to the TNT purple singlet and my favourite running shoes... will give that some thought over the next five months.

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