Tuesday, August 17, 2010

here i am... for my monthly check in!

the summer is just flying by, and the first race of Fall season is now just three weeks away.

Saturday was our 12 mile run... the last LONG long run before Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon. it was lovely, cool and overcast... and the icing on the cake was that my sweetheart got up at 5:30 on his day off to come out and support us on the course.  it was his first time volunteering as "water stop guy"... handing out water and gatorade and pretzels and such, and more importantly cheering as the runners came in to see him.

what a trooper! and he had such a good time that i'm SURE he's going to volunteer to do it again.
doesn't hurt that i had rounded up a few other guys to keep him company :)

it has been a challenging season for a lot of our runners.... the heat has been oppressive. there have been a number of injuries, loved ones have become ill... but these are the things that draw us together and turn us into a Team.

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