Wednesday, September 11, 2013

oh hey! i'm racing in 4 days... how did that happen?

so... i signed up to run the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia with my friend Lisa about 7 months ago.... and promptly forgot all about it.

get this... it's this weekend! good job Competitor Group sent me some e-mails or i would have missed it altogether.

fortunately, i'm scheduled to run 12 miles on Saturday anyway... so, i'll just tack on an extra mile, and some crowd support and some music,  a new race t-shirt and a shiny new medal... and call it training. why not?!

my experience of Philly is limited to a quick stop in the airport. looking forward to seeing a little bit of the city from the ground.

and thank goodness the temperatures are expected to drop, because this 95 degrees and humid nonsense is totally getting me down.

the dogs and i went walking with the neighbours this evening, after the sun went down... and it was still 87 degrees. we got a mile in, and a little romp in the back yard before they were banging on the doors to be let back inside for some ice cubes and some AC.

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