Friday, October 4, 2013

lots to catch up on...

so, since i last wrote, it's been a busy couple of weeks.

before i get started, let me just celebrate with you for a moment. Philly was a PR for me!! by almost 7.5 minutes!!

exclamation point!!!

the following weekend, we did our 20 miler... met a new friend, talked a lot, and suddenly 20 miles were done and i was feeling great! tired and hungry, but great.

last weekend, it was fundraiser party time... i hosted a "win a wine collection party"... which is pretty much what it sounds like. i threw a party where people made donations, and one lucky guest went home with a whole bunch of wine.

everyone drank a whole bunch of wine too... so everyone was a winner! and it pushed me that much closer to my fundraising goal. (just 300 more dollars to go! there's still time to help get me there!)

we also had a Stella & Dot friend there, selling jewelry and donating 25% of her commission to my fundraising. my sweetheart bought me a necklace... a win, win, win situation!

this past week though... boy, have i paid for the three previous week. i have been exhausted and sore, to the point of not getting in my miles. which is not good for the morale just days before my race. but sometimes you just have to listen to your body and let it rest.

tomorrow is the last team run before race day.

more soon...

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