Wednesday, April 23, 2014

purple nails, but the toes still work...

While I have taken the dogs out walking  pretty much every day since RNR Raleigh ten days ago, today was the first day that I put on the running shoes and picked up the pace.

I've been working on my toe wrapping technique, and am optimistic that my toenails will hold on a while longer.

The sun was shining and the dogs were itching to get outside by the time I got home from work, so I decided to test some new gear, and decide whether or not i'll be able to use them on race day Sunday.

I got new compression capris... which, it turns out, are too big... they feel comfortable, but don't compress.

I tried out the lovely pink sleeves I bought at the RNR USA race expo but haven't actually worn until today.... (i like them!)

But most importantly, I tried out my toes... and they're going to be okay.

Remsen and I ran 2.5 hilly miles, down to the lake. And then Maya and I went out for what I expected to be a leisurely half mile walk... but she was all fired up and wanted to run.

They're both now passed out on the couch beside me... snoring gently, legs twitching, running in their dreams.

Off to bed to see if I can't dream some running dreams too.

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