Friday, March 13, 2009

reflections on training for a marathon... and fundraising update.

here i am, on the eve of my last group training run before the marathon... gear all packed up and ready for tomorrow morning. it's hard to believe that this time next week i will be packed up and ready to go to Virginia Beach and run a marathon.

even harder to believe that this time three months ago i was struggling to finish a 6 mile run -- never mind get my head around running 20 miles further.

it's been a period of personal growth... i've learned a lot about motivation and follow through... i've learned how to eat & drink while running (something i frequently have difficulty doing without making a mess when i'm sitting still, never mind whilst moving!)... i've learned how to push myself onward through tough runs, and how to forgive myself for not finishing or even not getting out there when what i needed was a break...

i'm proud of myself for getting this far.

have to admit to having some fear about maybe not being able to finish the whole marathon... what with the stresses of the last few weeks, and the humbling digestive issues of my 20 mile run... but, come race day i'm going to try... what more can i ask of myself?


a quick note on my fundraising efforts to date...

even though it looks rather dire (just $850 raised of my $1900 goal) when you look at my fundraising website, i've actually almost achieved my fundraising goal. i am still waiting on $400 worth of raffle tickets that should have posted to my page weeks ago... that puts me at $1250.
and once the IHOP fundraising money is added (they're still doing the calculations but it should be around $200 per shift, i did three shifts..) i will be at $1850... just $50 shy of my goal.

i've got a week to find an extra $50... i think i can do it!

ps.. a big thank you to my cousin Patty for her donation this afternoon!


  1. It's taken me a while to get back on the road but I got out there again at the weekend. My motivation is at least 3 months out of date and I can't imagine doing 5 miles in a month; in particular as I did 4.5 a month ago without really noticing.

    I KNOW you can do your run next week myfriend and I KNOW that you'll do yourslef proud, as well as us.

    And I KNOW that one way or another, I'll make it, even if it isn't fast or pretty.

    And I have you to thank for that as well.

  2. Congratulations! It's got to be amazing to know that you have it within yourself to run 20 miles - and then 26 on from that! Please post pictures from your event, and congrats on the fundraising!

    I've just started the "TNT Mentor" blog this season, and it's totally in its fledgling stages, but I hope that it's helpful to TNT participants in the seasons to come (and better publicized)!

    Finish your race, so your honored teammates can win theirs! Best wishes!

  3. dear foxxxy... that's my approach too! it may not be fast or pretty, but i'm going to do it anyway.

    i have enjoyed training from afar with you. in fact, i've enjoyed it so much that i now also plan running "dates" with two friends in Canada... every Saturday morning we send each other encouraging reminders to get out there, leave "see you on the trail!" comments on blogs and Facebook, and then commiserate over aches and pains late in the afternoon.

    you've totally transformed the notion of "long distance running" for me :-)

    i'm proud of you... learning when you need to take a break and let yourself heal is a tough lesson. but i'm glad you took the time you need, even if it has set you back a little.

    i KNOW you will get it back... and i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy getting there too.

  4. thanks TNT Mentor!

    i will encourage fellow TNT participants to check out your blog.