Sunday, August 7, 2011


it's been hot hot hot, and high humidity for weeks... ugh. like it's not hard enough getting up at 5am on a Saturday to go for a run with the Team!! last Saturday Laura and i thought we'd won the jackpot when we found a pile of ice on the side of the trail... nothing quite like stuffing handfuls of ice (and grass & dirt) inside your hat to keep you cool-ish while you run.

still, spirits remain high.... we're still getting a good turn out for the group training runs, and some people (myself not particularly included) are doing awesome with their fundraising. i'm struggling a bit in that department. having a job sure does interfere with all the kinds of fundraising i've focused on in the past... there's just no time to go sell donuts at metro stations anymore!! so, i'm trying to get more creative.

would sure welcome some suggestions though, if you've got any...

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