Tuesday, June 9, 2015

triathlon training interrupted due to accident

so, i've had a week off training because i had an accident last Monday. how's that for timing? after being so elated from my Sunday night swim, i was feeling invigorated and enthusiastic and raring to go with the next few weeks of training.

no, i did not get hit by a car, or fall off my bike. i did not trip over a root on the trail, or have a close encounter with a snake in the lake (yeah, freaked me out when i learned there are snakes hanging out in the lake)....

i injured myself whilst out walking.

yes, you read that correctly.

my triathlon training has been temporarily derailed because i fell over one of my dogs and split my elbow open... received a tetanus shot, some stitches and doctor's orders to stay out of the water for a week, and out of the lake until after the stitches come out (4 more days!)

we had a mini practice tri on Saturday in Leesburg, and that was the first time i'd done anything other than fall over in a week. all things considered, it went pretty well!

the arm is still black and blue and sore... and there is some limitation on range of motion, but i still managed the 500 metre swim (in the pool).

then a 10 mile ride and a 2.5 mile run and it was great!

Sunday morning we had an open water swim scheduled, but as the doctor (and my coaches) strongly discourage me swimming in the lake with an open wound... I just took pictures of my teammates and their remarkable efforts.

I'm really sad that I was not able to participate, but I will try my hand at it next weekend, as long as the doc that removes my stitches gives me the go-ahead.

2015 summer Tri Team In Training participants doing open water swim

Our race is less than 3 weeks away... starting to get excited!

I'm still about $250 shy of my fundraising commitment, and $650 shy of my fundraising goal. so if you're feeling flush and want to make a donation... please follow the link to my fundraising website (located in the upper right corner of the page).

Thanks in advance!

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