Friday, June 26, 2015

check lists

There sure is a lot to think about when traveling for a triathlon…

When I’m packing to run a marathon, normally my check list looks something like this:
Regular clothes for however many days, spare contact lenses, glasses, toiletries, running shoes, running tights, sports bra, socks, t-shirt, KT tape, BodyGlide, a water bottle, a few packets of chews, gu’s and/or waffles, sunscreen, hat, The Stick, phone charger…  and I’m good to go!

Packing for this weekend’s triathlon, I’m taking all of those things….
Plus a bike, bike shoes, helmet, bike tools and spare tubes, C02 inflator and cartridges, pump, bike lock, a few more water bottles, chamois cream, a wetsuit, tri-suit, goggles, spare goggles, swim cap, towel, wet wipes, sandals, race belt, transition bag and…  ?? 

Have I forgotten anything?

Darn it, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.

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