Friday, June 5, 2009

Kick-Off tomorrow :-)

this is it... every Saturday from now until late October is spoken for. Kick-off for fall season is tomorrow morning... and then we run!

although i have enjoyed sleeping in the odd Saturday since March, i have definitely missed the early morning runs with friends. and i'm looking forward to getting into that habit again.

i'm a little nervous about how i'm going to manage training in the heat and humidity of a Virginia summer... but, i'll manage, i'm sure. more fluids, earlier runs...


i had planned to be a Team Captain for Marine Corps Marathon... but there was an abundance of people who wanted to be team captains, and no one had signed up to be Mission Captain (the person who reminds the team just why it is we're running... gives updates on our honoured team mates, organizes events that connect runners with the lives of the people we're running for, etc).

i think i'm going to like it.

and as hard as it might be to get out of bed at 5:45 tomorrow morning in order to drive to Maryland for Kick-Off... i'll be glad to do it, once i'm up ;-)

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  1. I need a mission captain. You got that job too *grin*