Friday, June 26, 2009

tomorrow i'll be a runner

oh, i'm such a slacker!

i've been terribly lax at updating... which goes right along with my approach to training thus far.

i'm blaming it on the heat. i feel sluggish these days.... sweating about the place, leave a trail of slime... feeling legless and limp. not much good for the running!!

however, the mileage is starting to go up, and i really MUST get myself in gear or i'm going to struggle later on. fortunately, i'm going home to cool and rainy eastern Canada for most of July... where i'll be able to run in comfort, and with my mom to boot! what joy!!


in other running news, tomorrow is our first DCA Team group training... which means we could be several hundred on the trail together tomorrow morning. it's going to be happy chaos.

and then, it is the honoured teammate picnic. i wish my honoured teammates could be here to see what we're doing on their behalf. but it is a long way to come just for a picnic, clear across the continent and back again for a bagel and some nice speeches...


my fundraising is sluggish too.... sigh.

i'm such a slug.

tomorrow, i'll be a runner.


  1. I'm so proud of you myfriend.

    I did 10km yesterday and then, this evening, I was compelled to do another 5.

    I think I might be suffering from something serious, like enjoyment....

  2. that IS serious!

    how wonderful :-)