Tuesday, June 9, 2009

last night on my run...

i have a friend staying with me for a few days, so he's been coming on my runs. he's much shorter than i am so we don't go too fast, and he's much more interested in checking out the scenery than i am... so as we were out for a run last night, here are some things that we saw that i might have otherwise missed if he'd not been along:

ducks swimming in the puddles that remain on peoples' lawns and driveways from last week's heavy rains.

the little house tucked back in the trees (unlike all the other monstrosities that occupy every square inch of their lot) with the lovely gardens has a sign up saying "plants... $1". i might take them up on their offer when the day finally comes that i have gardens of my own to plant.

(live) deer hiding in the hedge... and we are not exactly out in the countryside here in Alexandria!

mushrooms growing in the long grass in front of the gas station... am hoping they weren't toxic, as i only noticed them because he was licking them (he is a dog, by the way)...

the big stone house on the corner near the park that my husband has long coveted is now for sale.

fireflies!! everywhere fireflies! i've never lived anywhere that had fireflies before... and they're beautiful. well, their twinkling like sparks flying from a campfire is beautiful anyway...

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  1. I ran on Saturday evening and noticed that I was looking up instead of down for the first time in a while. It was beautiful :)