Tuesday, January 19, 2010

four hilly miles

so, there is this paved trail that runs along a fairly major road, and it starts about a mile and a half from my house. this is where i had planned to do my mid-week runs when we first moved here, and then it snowed and the trail was a mess....

and then i finally got out there and ran it. problem is, it pretty much starts at the bottom of a long, and fairly steep hill. this has not been doing wonders for my motivation, let me tell you.

the sun is shining, and i feel like a run.... and then i start thinking about that hill, and i don't much feel like running any more.

this afternoon, i finally got smart. i drove myself to the top of that hill, parked the truck... and carried on with my run. still hilly, still along the edge of a busy road.... but no longer something to dread.

i had a great run... and i'm looking forward to Thursday's great run too, starting at the top of that hill.

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