Saturday, January 23, 2010

set-backs and keeping on going...

i feel as though i was fighting myself pretty much every step of the way during my run this morning.... where i'm normally just getting warmed up by 2 miles, today i was pretty near done in by 2 miles. where normally in 45 mins i'm a little over 4 miles... today i had a hard time getting to 3 miles in 45 mins. and after 5 miles, i packed it in for the day before i hurt myself.

it was supposed to be a ten mile day... but nothing helped. more gatorade... didn't help. a Gu... didn't help. more water... didn't help. turning up the tunes... made me feel better, but didn't make me run any better.

it was just a struggle.

so tomorrow, i will go out and try to do it again.... maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


just checked my e-mail only to find that my Famous Dave's fundraiser on Thursday only brought in a grand total of $18. and i know for certain that 8 dollars of that was from the bill at our table.

all that energy put into getting out the word.... and it's a pretty effortless way to contribute to a good cause. just go for a meal, and the restaurant will make a donation...

however, the lovely people at Famous Dave's are going to round the donation up to an even $50.... which lifts my deflated fundraising spirits just a little.

hopefully today's Uno Chicago Grill fundraiser has a better turn out.

deep sigh.

getting my gear together to go spend the evening there.

wish me luck!!!

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