Monday, March 22, 2010

embracing the suck...

National Marathon was two days ago... and what a wonderful morning for a marathon. Chilly to start, but gloriously warm and sunny to finish. Almost too hot, really.... What a shocker, in a season that had us running in snow, not being able to run because of snow, running in pouring rain the week before... and now an unseasonably hot day!

It was great to get out and run through parts of DC that I have never seen before, and certainly never run before. Because I'm still in training for the full marathon, and because I am scheduled to run 20 miles this coming Saturday... I approached the National Half Marathon as just another training run. But with 12,000 friends and a medal.

So, I didn't push too hard. Didn't set any land speed records. Didn't even set any personal records. But I had a good run and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The TNT staff, coaches and volunteers were outstanding as usual, which really made the race a great experience for everyone.

And now, I shall focus on a little more fundraising and one more month of training to get ready for Nashville Country Music Marathon. Woot!!

As always, thanks so much for your support.

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