Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fundraising update...

the problem with my fundraising website is that it can take a very long time for donations to process if they are not made to the online website itself. this is rather frustrating, as it appears that i'm not making any progress, when in fact i am.

i have to remind myself of that regularly when i look at my funds raised and it never seems to go up.

the Dinner Done fundraiser was post-poned due to snow... happened just a couple of days ago, in fact. it was an absolute hoot (thanks ladies!) and although i don't have confirmation yet of how much it raised, i am thinking it will be about $150.

i volunteered for two shifts at the IHOP National Pancake Day fundraiser last week as well, and that brought in about $200 per shift last year. we're still waiting on the final numbers, but they're looking good so far.

and then, my husband's company Radiant Blue Technologies has also made a very generous donation...

so i'm actually only hundreds of dollars away from reaching my goal, not thousands as it seems.

a few more fundraisers, and i'll be there!

* * * * * *

we are just a few weeks away from the National (Half) Marathon... very exciting!

we're almost 8 weeks from the Nashville Country Music Marathon. and get this... when i was talking to my mom yesterday, she let slip that she and my dad are looking into flying down from Canada for race weekend!! how great is that???

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