Sunday, March 14, 2010

first blisters of the season...

so yesterday was a long one.... 18 miles in the pouring rain. and i mean POURING rain!
when we finally reached the end and i took my wet clothes off i had to wring them out before putting them in the truck... and even then, they still created puddles on the floor during the drive home.

my running shoes are still seriously wet... had to break out an old pair for my 30 min run this morning. and my feet are still pretty tender.... running in wet shoes set the stage for the first blisters of the season :(

18 miles is the longest run of the season so far.... there's only one longer run before we hit marathon day.

next week, an easy cruiser of just 13 miles.... the National Half Marathon in Washington DC.

the next week, 20 miles... and then we start to taper in preparation for Nashville Country Music Marathon.

so exciting!!

i'm still fundraising, as i'm about $400 shy of my fundraising minimum.... and about $800 shy of my personal goal.

as always, you can click the link in the upper right hand corner if you want to help me to reach my goal.

and, as always... thanks for your support!!

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