Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hot hot hot

if i knew any of the lyrics to that song (beyond "hmm hmm hmm hmm... hot, hot, hot...") i'd sing it for you.

but what i really want to do is talk about the weather. (ha!)

it has been excruciatingly hot and humid these last couple of weeks.  it is a struggle to get out into it, even if i get up early in the morning to try to beat the heat. i was asking myself a few days ago how on earth i managed to train last summer, and then realised that aside from the group runs, i did most of my training in the air-conditioned gym.

too bad we don't have one of those at the new house!

i think that this will be my last season of training in the summer... even though i'd really love to run Nike Marathon in San Francisco some day. maybe someday when we move to a more temperate climate!!

in the mean time though, the miles keep going up. we ran 7 miles last Saturday, starting at 7 am to get at least an hour of running done before it got too hot.

there was a race going on on the same trail... so it lifted our spirits to read the signs of support along the way....


  1. It's been hot here, probably not on the same scale as you're experiencing, but enough to make every run hard work, breathing laboured butr somehow I still keep going....

  2. as long as somehow we keep on going, we're good...

    but, i doubt that i'll ever learn to love the heat.

    give me snow and sub zero temperatures any day! at least, for running ;)