Tuesday, June 8, 2010

running, running...

last Saturday was a "hills clinic" for the team.... which essentially means we ran up and down hills for three miles while the coaches watched and gave us tips on how to be more efficient both going up and down.

fun stuff!

but i got to meet some of my mentees, which was great... and got some positive feedback on my Mission messages, as well as a tentative offer to volunteer at the Life With Cancer Family Center event on the 28th.

then later that afternoon, i drove to Annapolis with my former TNT mentor Ronda, as we had signed up to run the Zooma Half Marathon on Sunday morning.

it was already over 80 degrees F/ 27 degrees C when we left the hotel at 6am... and humid.

upon arrival we met up with another former teammates, Laura... chatted with a bunch of TNT peeps, decked out in their purple singlets... and then made our way to the enormous line ups for the port-a-johns. where we stood for the next 20 minutes. and where we were still standing when the starting gun when off.

fortunately there were enough runners that we were still well in the thick of things when we finally did join the runners.

by mile 1 we were already, as Laura called it, glisteny...

by mile 3 we were all beat red and over-heating.

by mile 5 we started to hear the wail of the ambulance sirens.

around mile 8 we were held up because the road was blocked by the paramedics and their vehicle trying to get an iv into the arm of a runner who had passed out from heat and dehydration.

i was about ready to kiss the little boy around mile 11.5 who was standing out on the sidewalk with his hose, spraying the runners as they struggled by.

and when we made our way past the finish line to collect our finishers necklaces, we were all dismayed to find that there were no more bottles of water or bananas... just some dry bits of bagel.

however, once into the finishers expo, there was shade, a cool breeze, a cool boxed lunch and cold water and we were happy.

no more half marathons for a while, just regular training...  as i've run a ten miler, 4 half marathons and a marathon in the last 11 weeks.

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