Friday, August 9, 2013

some runs are good, and some runs just aren't....

i was scheduled to run for 50 minutes last night. for me, that means approximately 5 miles, depending on a number of factors... you know, the usual things like: how hot and humid is it? will i be running hills or not? am i well rested and hydrated? has it been a stressful week at work? have i been eating well, and how are the planets currently aligned...?

well, last night all factors were against me... it was hot and very humid, i started my run at the bottom of a hill, it's been a stressful week and i've not been sleeping well... and i struggled for all but the last two miles. my legs were cramping, sweat & sunscreen were dripping in my eyes and stinging, i felt nauseous... i slowed down, and then i slowed down to a walk. i stopped and tried to stretch out my calves... i drank more water and walked some more.... eventually, i decided i'd had enough and turned around for home.

then miraculously the temperatures dropped and it started to rain lightly, my stomach settled, my legs loosened up, and i was able to run.

and there were cute little bunnies...

not a completely terrible run then after all.

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