Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kick Off!

Today was the official start of the training season for the Nike Womens Half Marathon that will take place in Washington DC in April.

I have been unofficially attending trainings with my teammates who are running Shamrock and/or Rock &  Roll USA... but now that we have officially started, I shall officially return to posting training updates.

Today, instead of going to Kick Off... I held a fundraiser bake sale with a teammate. It's one of the coldest weeks I have ever experienced in Virginia.. unusually cold. But we stuck it out in the elements for 3 hours, chatting with passersby and selling cookies, cakes and breads.

There are rather a lot of left overs, which will make my husband happy. He was upset when I wouldn't let him sample while I was baking over the past few days.

But we made a little over $100 each at the sale, and if we can just keep chipping away at it little by little... we'll reach our fundraising goals in time.

100 down, 1900 to go.

It's amazing how easy it is to get out of shape... I swore I would not let it slide between finishing Baltimore strong, and starting training for Nike. But, life gets in the way... as it does.

Between my health issues, family health issues, travel, etc... things have slid. But, I'm committed to getting back on track. Back to running regularly.

Starting tomorrow morning, with a Team run at Fletchers Boathouse. It's gonna be cold, and snowy... but it's gonna be good.

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