Saturday, February 8, 2014

because i can..

Five years ago this month, I was mid-way through preparing for my first marathon (and first endurance event with Team In Training)! Seven seasons later, I continue to run with TNT as we make our way toward the ultimate finish line...finding a cure for blood cancers! Until we find that cure, the funds we raise are put towards improving the lives of patients and their families through better treatments and support services.

It was a chilly morning for an 18 miles (29km) run... I've been fighting a cold for two weeks, and it's been hard to get all the mid-week training runs in. So, I wasn't sure if I'd make it the full 18 miles. In fact, today was the day that I was set to determine whether I'd run Rock & Roll USA Marathon... or half marathon in March.

With the support of my coaches, our wonderful water stop volunteers who stood out in the cold and made sure we had enough drinks and snacks to keep us safely going on the trail... and the companionship of a great friend... I made it the full 18 miles. 

Looks I'll still be preparing to do the full in just over a month's time! And then I'll be super prepared for Nike (with the Team) come April.


It's one heck of a journey at times. Right now I'm sore and tired, and I know I'm going to be more stiff and sore tomorrow! But, putting in long miles and pushing hard to raise money is nothing compared to the endurance and fortitude that people in treatment for cancer need to dig deep to find within themselves. If I can do something to help make their journey easier, make their treatments more effective, make their chances at surviving even a little bit better... then I too am going to dig deep, and keep going. 

Because I can.

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