Sunday, February 23, 2014

hockey or sleep...

good morning all...

so, i ran 20 miles yesterday.

the sun was shining, the snow was melting, the birds were lively in the bushes along side the trail and i had good company to keep me moving and motivated... and though i finished feeling tired and tight, i did not feel the need to go home and have a nap (as i often do after a 16+ mile run).

took the dogs out for a walk in the neighbourhood, a slow-ish 2 miles... which i'm sure was helpful in helping to dispel the lactic acid and prevent some of the stiffness that i anticipated (but did not feel) when i got out of bed this morning.

but, i did get up at 5am... which is just too early in the morning on a day off.

let the dogs out, fed them, made breakfast and packed a lunch for my sweetheart... and then posted a note on Facebook about how i was going to go back to bed for a "sleep in."

and there was a flurry of comments from friends back home in Canada about how i couldn't possibly be going back to bed just as the gold medal hockey game was about to start!


i went back to bed... but couldn't sleep. somehow it felt anti-patriotic, even though i don't usually watch hockey.

so i'm up... unlike some of my friends, i am not drinking beer in a sports bar at 6am... but i'm up and watching hockey and having a bit of a stretch.

i'm sure my legs will be grateful that there's a game on.

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