Saturday, July 4, 2015

one week on

so, race day was last week... and, it came as no surprise that things did not go quite as we might have hoped.

we had had so much rain that the Schuylkill River was high and fast and full of debris, so the swim portion of our Triathlon was cancelled for safety reasons.

my tri-experienced teammates referred to our event as a Dri-athlon... but that was not an entirely accurate description either.

race morning we arrived to set up in transition around 5:15... it had rained all night, and the field was deep in mud and several people had to set up their gear on plastic bags sitting IN puddles. and it kept on raining...

if one were to look for a silver lining in not being able to complete the entire race, it's that we were able to watch the elite athletes start and finish their races... they were interviewing the race winners before my wave even set foot on the course.

nonetheless, it was a fun ride and a hot run and i'm glad i did it.

but, i still feel the need to do another in order to be able to say i've truly completed a triathlon.

i'd like to extend one final word of thanks to everyone who supported my fundraising efforts for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society... you put me well above my fundraising goal, and i'm so very grateful for your support.

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