Wednesday, July 15, 2015

super stem cells

Good news!

As you may recall, my friend Jeff has been going through a stem cell transplant process...  He was in hospital to extract stem cells from his own blood... then a series of chemotherapy to knock out his immune system... followed by a transfusion of his previously harvested stem cells, and a period of waiting for the stem cells to start working their magic.

Once Jeff's white blood cell count started to climb, he was permitted to leave the hospital to stay in a hotel, checking in daily to make sure he was meeting all the recovery benchmarks as planned. He's been out for about a week, and doing great!

out for a morning walk...

"Things are going very well, last 2 days in the clinic have been fluids only, all my labs are either in the normal range or above the minimums for replacement. My WBC are actually higher then the day I checked in to the hospital! Super stem cells indeed!!"

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