Friday, February 26, 2016

how is it already the end of February?

i'm getting the seasonal black runners toenails out of the way early this year....

following the Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon last weekend (a very low key, but exceptionally well organized little race... in case you were considering it for next year), the two toenails that have just finished growing back out from last year are now black and blistered and likely to fall off again.

i've tried bigger shoes, i've tried lacing differently, i've tried different brand of shoes... and still, they just blister under the nail at some point every year.

In other news, I'm just $250 away from my Feb 29th Leap Day fundraising goal... so if you'd like to see me jump in the lake on Monday, feel free to make a donation here:

We'll post the video Monday night.

Paris Marathon is now just five weeks away. Getting excited, but also feeling a bit daunted. Training ride with the Team tomorrow morning (in preparation for June's century ride), followed by an 18 mile run on Sunday. It's starting to feel a little bit like triathlon training again!

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