Sunday, March 20, 2016

hairless in solidarity

My friend Jenn started chemotherapy 3 weeks ago, and last week her hair began falling out. Her company hosted a head-shaving party, turning what could have been a painful experience into a celebration. Together they raised over $1100 for Saint Baldrick's... which is an organization that funds research for childhood cancers.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so chairs were set up outside... clippers were fired up... and hair started flying!

Sun Ae did the honors for Jenn

Turns out Jenn's got a great looking head! When my turn came, Jenn did the initial shave...

And then Sun Ae tidied things up a bit at the end.

bald is beautiful

 The lack of hair is surprisingly enjoyable. Can't stop rubbing my own fuzzy head. No bed-head in the morning. No wild hair after my ride with the Team yesterday. Though truth be told, it certainly highlighted the cold temperatures when it started to rain (and then snow!) during our ride. Went to bed in a hat on Friday night!!

Jenn's run/walking the Shamrock half marathon in Virginia Beach this morning... because she's strong and determined, and because lymphoma's not going to stop her from doing the things she loves. Tomorrow morning, she starts her next round of chemotherapy.

If you would like to show your support of Jenn and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society... please make a donation here.

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