Thursday, July 7, 2016

in other news

long weekend flew by in a flurry of picnicking, paddle boarding, and pouring rain... with a leisurely 16 miler thrown in on Sunday morning for good measure.

am now wishing for more vacation time... even though it's now so hot and steamy out that i want nothing more than to hide out in the air conditioning and just watch through the windows as the gardens turn to a jungle of green. (we're picking green beans, cucumbers and swiss chard daily, and they just keep coming!)

just 5 weeks til i head home to Canada to see my family, celebrate my sister's birthday, meet my new niece and take a little road trip to St John NB to run the Marathon By The Sea... 3 day / 3 race run weekend with my mom! super excited about that.

have a few dear friends who are finding life to be a bit of a struggle right now... sending these words of love straight to their delicate hearts. maybe you need them too.

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