Sunday, December 28, 2008

the hills kicked my butt!

we got in too late last night to safely go for a run... instead, i donned the rubber gloves and attacked the in-laws fridge. they've been away for a few weeks, and it was full of mold and slime and swamp and nasty....

so this morning we had a quick smoothie of bananas and blueberry Kefir (which i am totally addicted to!) and headed out for a run together. my sweetheart headed home halfway through my run, and i logged 6.8 miles (we measured with the truck last night). a little over four miles of that was hills... and by mile five and a half, my legs were like jelly!

arrived back home a sweaty mess -- hard to believe i'm running in t-shirt and shorts at the end of December -- only to be greeted by a post-run endorphin happy sweetheart who had made me a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs (he's big on the post-workout protein infusion!). his folks called, they arrived safely from Colombia late last night, and will be home early this afternoon.

looks like i will be staying here to help out for a while, so i'm glad to know that i've got a good route all measure out, and by the time i get home myself, those hills will have whipped me into shape!


  1. 6.8 miles? I'm almost ashamed of myself....

  2. don't be! you have every reason to be proud of yourself... besides, i had a hot Marine at my heals, pushing me onward.