Saturday, December 20, 2008

i really shouldn't go into "gear" shops...

i hate shopping. nine times out of ten i would rather scrub toilets than go shopping, and at Christmas times... it's more like ten times out of ten. except when it comes to sports gear stores. then i have to keep my hands thrust firmly in my pockets and my eyes to floor or i find my heart full of serious gear lust.

we had our second group training run this morning, and the meet up was at Potomac River Running, in Reston VA. So i had to have a look around the store while i was waiting for my sweetheart to arrive to pick me up. i tried hard to behave myself, but i really did need to look at the water belts, because as of next week, we have to carry water with us on our runs....

somehow i walked out of the store with the required water belt, mittens, a long sleeved running shirt, and some sport recovery drink that my sweetheart assures me i need...

Merry Christmas to me!

oh yeah, and the run was great too.

i don't have much experience running with groups of people. i've run with my mom and my cousin in the past... and the odd friend here and there. but running in a group is new to me, and it turns out that i kind of like it. i like the camaraderie and the chatter.

once again i'm looking forward to next week's run, but i sure hope we don't start any more runs from a running gear store again any time soon.


  1. I find it so much easier and motivational to run with someone else; I have to remind myself, on the times when I have to go it alone, that you lot are checking in on me. It helps!

  2. then i shall keep nagging at you...