Saturday, December 27, 2008

trail running is where it's at...

my sweetheart and i went for a short run together yesterday morning... running with him is always something of a thrill, in that we're newly married and still learning how to do things together. his legs are a good 8 inches longer than mine, so i normally have to push myself to keep up or he has to slow it down for me. either way, we make it work and enjoy spending the time together.

yesterday we decided to do some trail running... and not trails of the paved variety. we're talking mud and roots and rugged and fun! you've got to keep your eyes open when you trail run, or you'll get tripped up, wound your pride (if not your body), eat some dirt and never want to do it again.

done right though, it beats any other kind of running hands down. this trail was full of rocks and roots and hills and stairs and ponds
and herons and deer and crunchy autumn leaves and happy dogs with slobbery sticks... it was cool and crisp and sunshiny and glorious, and i loved it.

today is my scheduled weekly long run... 6 miles. we're off to New Jersey, so i'll do my run late this afternoon along the NJ shoreline.

gotta love mixing it up and keeping it interesting :o)

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