Saturday, December 13, 2008

survived the first group training session...

i have to admit to feeling somewhat trepidatious about running with the group this morning, as i've been far too much of the couch potato lately and no where near enough of the sprightly gazelle. lets face it, it's much easier to get out there when you're already feeling fit, which i'm not.

however, Francisco enticed me out of bed with coffee and breakfast at 6:30... and i had lain out my clothes last night so that i'd really have no excuse not to... so, i got myself out the door without too much of a struggle.

my feelings of anxiety returned as we approached the track, but the coaches were very supportive and gave lots of feedback, the other runners were cheering each other on, the sun came out and it warmed up to a comfortable temperature... and by the end of it, i was simply feeling great. huzzah!

i can't wait for next Saturday's run.

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