Sunday, February 22, 2009

has it been a week already?

Time flies when you have a canine companion...

He's gone home now though, and I shall miss his company.


My mom called during yesterday's morning run with the TNT group. We were chatting as I ran (slowly so I wouldn't puff too loudly in her ear)... She asked how far we were running and then laughed when I said it was an easy run of just ten miles today.

Whoever would have imagined I'd some day be saying those words?! Ten miles is an easy run!! That's 16 kms, people! That's almost a half marathon!

How ridiculous.

And how ridiculously proud of myself am I?


I took photos of my toenails for your viewing pleasure. I figured I'd best get them taken now before the nails fall off (like viewing the scarlet leaves come autumn, must take advantage of them while they last!). Now I just have to wait for my sweetheart to get home and download them to his computer, as I don't have the right software on mine.

So, you should be seeing them in all their purple blistery glory some time this week.
Lucky you.

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