Saturday, February 28, 2009

worst run ever!

this blog is not for the faint of heart... you are forewarned.

today's run did not go as planned. today's run was really tough, in fact. today i experienced the absolute lowest point (thus far) of my running career.

i thought i had set myself up for success... last night a group of my fellow runners and i went out for a big pasta dinner, carb-loading in preparation for our 20 mile run this morning. good in theory...

laid out all my running gear last night... filled my water bottles, packed a warm sweater and some dry socks to change into at the end of the run, stocked up my running treats...

as we are supposed to consume about 100 calories worth of energy every 45 mins or so along the trail, i had purchased a number of different sport "fuel replenishers" to consume en route. i had had some trouble during past runs with a couple other kinds, most of which was based on them being sickly sweet, but some of which gave me stomach pains. so, had a new collection for today... all highly recommended by the running store staff, and other fellow TNT participants. good in theory...

hit the trails shortly after 8, after being brought to tears in the parking lot by the story of a fellow participant... the person in who's honour she is running died of leukemia on Wednesday.

tried out new treat #1 about 50 mins into the run ... sport jelly beans. gave me stomach pains. didn't eat any more.

tried out new treat #2 approximately 40 minutes later. tasted good, no stomach pains, yippeee.. found my new running energy supply. less than ten minutes later i was desperate for a pee, so i ducked off the trail to use the washroom at McDonalds. as i crossed the parking lot, i was doubled over by serious stomach pain and spasms... and without any warning or hint of possibility, spontaneously pooped my pants.

not exactly a high point in my day.

but, at least it happened just steps away from a washroom and not five miles down the trail.

went in, cleaned myself up, threw out my underwear... had a little cry, and then headed back out on the trail, feeling a little hollow and wobbly. and embarrassed. and kinda weepy still...

that was the half way point in my 20 miles.

i was too scared to eat any more of my lovely treats... so i drank a lot of gatorade and water, but without the extra energy i would normally get from the sickly sweet gels, or chewy treats... i totally crashed after 16 miles. still 4 miles from the parking lot where my warm clothes, my house keys, my ride, and yummy pizza and bananas and other post run delights were waiting for me.

i walked on for two more miles, until i hit the last water station... after walking that far i was no longer sweating. in fact, i was just cold and damp and out of energy. Coach Joe took one look at me and said, you're done for today.

i burst into tears. and said okay.

Coach Chip drove the two miles down to the water station to pick me up, and gave me the lecture on avoiding hypothermia... me nodding and shivering all the while.

i grabbed two slices of cold pizza and a couple bananas, signed myself in on the runners list, shivered my way into my friend Lori's car, and then struggled to take my wet clothes off so i could have a long hot shower when i got home.

nothing about today was easy. not much was very comfortable, not a whole lot would even qualify as particularly enjoyable...

but i got through it. and, better that it happens now than on race day.



  1. Oh Megan,

    What an awful day. I don't even know what to say! Except that the day is over. Behind you. Done. And astoundingly-- inspiringly-- after the unpleasant incident at the halfway mark, you kept going! You're a trooper girl, and I'm very, very, very impressed.

    Big internet hugs... and wishes for much, much better training days ahead!!


  2. Myfriend, you should be so incredibly proud of the fact that you still managed 16 miles, even if they weren't pretty or stylish.

    Sorbitol can be a problem in the gastric department, but I didn't think it could work that quickly. How about trying out some of the energy foods when you're not running and are nearer factilities?

  3. @ Juanita - thank you! every training day from here on can only be better :-)

    @ Foxxxy - i'm done trying new ones now. i'll stick with the Powerbar Gels... even though they are unpleasantly sickly sweet, they don't upset my stomach.

    ps.. i am kind of proud of myself. i now know that even when it is really tough going, i can still forge my way onward through 17.5 unpleasant miles.

  4. Aw, Meggles. I poop my pants all the time but I don't run 16 miles afterward. You rock, sistah!

    Je te LOVE!!


  5. Je te love aussi... bow-coo bow-coo

    i knew you'd be supportive :-)