Sunday, February 15, 2009

more fun with a buddy...

in spite of my aching thighs, purple toes and creaking right hip... i've just come back from a run. i figured if little Bailey, whose legs are only a foot long (and he has just three of them at that!), is eager to get out there for a run with me then i should quit my whinging and get to it.

we walked up to the conservation area near our place... it's normally about a 15 minute walk to get there, with a few good hills to get the heart beating. but with sniffing and pee stops it took closer to half an hour to get there... the ducks in the pond were also a wild distraction, so running by the water was out of the question. but once we got up the hill to the manicured lawn and dormant flower beds it was smooth sailing.

we ran the brick trail loop twice, and then headed out to the main road for the quicker return home. as we ran, my legs slowly became more limber (thank goodness) and his tongue became more flappy. we stopped to chat with a couple guys waiting for a bus to talk about his three leggedness and how he manages.

i have lived here for almost six months now, and more people have talked to me on the street over the last three days than the previous six months combined. having a cute little running buddy is good on so many social levels.

so now, my legs are feeling looser and less achy... i feel invigorated and ready to fill the day.
Bailey, on the other hand, is flaked out on his bed... using his rawhide bone as a pillow.

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  1. I'd love to have a dog, I've spent hours searching the net for one that will persuade me that it'll be worth all the effort - because I know for sure that the boys won't help out.

    An old teacher of mine used to go walking with her dog lead, even after he'd passed on, because people would talk to her - and it works!