Saturday, January 17, 2015

26 Reasons to Run - Reason #19

This morning was our final group training run before next week's marathon. It was a chilly but glorious morning for a 10k run along the National Mall... Everyone's feeling excited, and there was lots of talk about where in New Orleans people plan to eat. It seems the running a marathon is a secondary event, the food is why they're really going!!

This afternoon I was struck down by a wicked cold. Have been tucked into bed with hot lemon and honey drinks, a box of kleenex, and a snuggly dog... snoozing off and on all evening. Now is not the time to get sick!!

And so, instead of being sick in bed, I'm going to just be comfortable in bed whilst I write about reason #19 that I continue to run marathons and fundraise to find a cure for cancer. 

Years and years ago, I lived in a small mountain town that I loved. But all of my family was strewn about the country, and none of them lived anywhere even remotely close to where I lived.  When one is a family oriented person, and one finds oneself without close family, the only thing to do is find some surrogate family members.

My friend Marni's Grandma Dolly was one such person. I loved going to visit Grandma Dolly... I loved spending time with all of Marni's family, actually, but Dolly was really special. She had a way of making you feel important and appreciated... Dolly died of breast cancer. 

I am so very glad to have known her.

Mile #19 I run in memory of Grandma Dolly.

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