Saturday, January 31, 2009

24 kms!

well, now that I am home and showered and stretched... I can say that I enjoyed my 15 mile (24 km) run this morning. If you had asked me at mile 14.5, there is a possibility that I may have had a slightly different answer. The last half mile (almost all uphill) kicked my butt!

I had to stop and try to warm a powerbar up (tucked into my armpit) enough that I could eat some of it without breaking my teeth. As fellow runner Mike said, that last half mile I wasn't really running... it's more like I just kept falling forward!

However, the trail was beautiful... we ran along the river on the Mt Vernon trail. There was ice and snow and slippery spots periodically, but mostly we were in the sun on clear trails. It was chilly (-3 celsius) but with the sun on my face and a good pace on, I was sweating in no time. To the point that my hair was frozen in clumps of sweat (nice visual, eh?)

My kind-hearted team mates helped to relieve me of a few spare dozen boxes of donuts that were left over after yesterday sales... and a happy group of Boy Scouts took a few boxes off my hands too (everyone's happy!).

Feeling good. Tired, but good.


  1. I am soooo proud of you myfriend! I ran 3.4 miles today and the last half miles was the easiest; I could happily have carried on but I had to get back to cook the kids tea lol!

  2. thanks foxxxxy! i'm proud of me too :-)

    it's a good feeling to finish a run and know that you could have carried on, isn't?

    not me, not today... i was essentially just falling forward the last little bit of my run.