Saturday, January 24, 2009

a few choice tidbits of information... some of which may interest or amuse you.

So, in fact, I didn't actually bother to read the running schedule for today (Tidbit #1)... and just assumed that we could continue to increase our mileage. It was a nice surprise to learn that we were not running more this week, but rather running less. Just ten miles... So the personal records start next Saturday, with 15 miles.


(I think I can, I think I can...)

That being said, I actually covered 11 miles today because Sara, the womanI was running with, was desperate for a washroom so we went an extra half mile (and back) to find one. You might think that she could have just ducked off the trail... but it's actually a very busy trail, both sides of which are loaded with blackberry brambles. (Make note of this come autumn, bring berry bucket on runs...) Not good for bathroom breaks, but very good for bird watching. You wouldn't believe the number of cardinals and blue jays we saw... I'm sure there were others, but my eyes were drawn to the bright crimson and blue.

We bonded over this... and the fact that when she ran with her open package of Powerbar "Gel" in hand, it squirted out and all over my leg. Personally I think those Gels are gross, but to each their own ( Who am I to talk? I am currently eating peanut butter straight from the jar as I type... with a spoon though, I'm not completely uncivilized). (Tidbit #2)

I have been suffering this strange discomfort over the last... lets say 2 weeks, or there abouts... in my right butt cheek. (Tidbit #3) Just the right... makes me feel rather lopsided. And stiff and sore.... Normally, after a mile or two it seems to stretch itself out and loosen up and the rest of my run is fine... But it has been getting sorer, and none of the stretches I've tried seem to be helping.

Coach Chip gave me a little trail-side instruction in a few exercises to loosen it up and strengthen the muscles relating to my hip, as it turns out I have something call Piriformis Syndrome (so next time you have mysterious pains in the butt... you now have something to call it. This includes people at home or work who are aggravating on some level or another.) (Tidbit #4)

He shared some other interesting hip information too... like the fact that he lost his nose in an accident and the nose on his face is actually made of bone taken from his hip. (Tidbit #5) This may or may not explain some things. (And this is how I find out whether or not anyone from the team is reading my blog... if Chip gives me shit next week, I'll know!!.... ps, Just kidding, Chip.)

On the drive home I finally found the running song I've been looking for. I heard it once on my sweetheart's mp3 player and have been looking for it ever since. He has something like 700 songs on his player though, and I didn't know what it was called... which makes finding it challenging. On my way home after this morning's run, I stumbled across it, and cheered. I turned it up, I had it on repeat as I flew down the 495, dancing in my seat like a fine fool at every stoplight along Little River Turnpike. Yes, that was me you were laughing at... (Tidbit #6)

52 pickup, by Ballistic Mystic
. Try it some time. It will make you sprint, I promise.

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