Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to the treadmill

when i first arrived in the US, it was so hot during the day that i could hardly move... never mind run. so i took up running on the treadmill, in the air-conditioned gym at our place. that quickly gets boring, but at least it was nice and cool. and it became my habit to run there... close to home, never get lost, no traffic to worry about, washroom right there.... and the motivation to go back to running outside now that it is cooler dissipates.

over the last few weeks, while i was away, i did not have an air-conditioned gym in which to run. so i started running outside again.

it's hard now to remember why i didn't want to be outside always. i love the sting of the cold air on my skin, and the bite of it in my lungs. i love the resistance of the road, and the feel of rocks and roots and mud under my shoes, the irregularities that cause each step to be slightly different... something a treadmill cannot provide.

i'm home now, and went back to the treadmill for a quick run this afternoon... just 30 minutes. and it was unbearably hot. but convenient...

i will try to find a more convenient place to run outside now.

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