Thursday, January 8, 2009

running mad

the miles just seem to fly by when i run mad...

this evening when i was getting ready to go for a run, i emptied all the music off my little mp3 player, because it's all been on there since the summer and i keep meaning to change it and i'm pretty sick of all the songs.... so, i delete it all... and then couldn't get any more music on, and my computer froze up and i couldn't figure out how to get it working again, and all i wanted was some new music to listen to while i ran... and i got pissy.

my sweetheart loaned me his mp3 player, and off i went.
in a grump, grump, grump.

got to the gym, hopped on the treadmill, dropped my water bottle in the little water bottle pocket, put on the head phones and got started.
still grumpy.

turned the headphones up to a comfortable level, but couldn't hear the music over the guy behind me who was talking loudly on his cell phone. turned it up until it was actually too loud, and i could still him him talking.
getting grumpier.

picked up my water bottle for a refreshing squirt... and someone had left a gooey wad of gum in the water bottle pocket, which was now stuck all over the bottom of my bottle.
i think i might have cursed out loud a little...
really grumpy.

but man, did the miles fly by!! 'cos i run fast when i run mad.

after two miles i wasn't mad any more.

and now i'm home and happy, and glad that i went.


  1. I headed out today feeling great. When I had to stop to get back for my meeting, that left me in a grump!

  2. :o)

    the fact that you were not only enjoying your run, but were upset when you had to stop... that's great!

  3. Awesome! Great post, made me smile and chuckle. I know I've has similar days. I hate cell phone talkers when I can hear them thru my tunes!