Wednesday, January 21, 2009

personal records from here on...

I ran 12 miles (about 19.5 km) this past Sunday. Was supposed to run on Saturday, but we drove through the night, leaving at midnight and arriving at my in-laws at about 5:30 Saturday morning... and even after a nap, I didn't quite recover enough to get my gear on and face the frigid temperatures.

In the end, it was a good thing I waited until Sunday... because Saturday night it snowed, and I got to run in a total fairyland of sparkling white trees with the scrunching of snow under foot. Yay!

We measured out a 6 mile loop, which was lovely on lap number one... a few good hills, some nice scenery (if you think that pick-up trucks with 6 inch lifts and hand-done camouflage paint jobs make for nice scenery).

Second loop was good too... for the first four miles. And then, it was a bit of a struggle to finish. But in the end, I made it home... all sweaty and rosy-cheeked from the cold.

Every Saturday run from here on will be a personal record for me... every Saturday run will be further than I've ever run before.

What I need to do now is remember to stretch properly, or I won't recover enough from the Saturday runs to do the mid-week runs. I do stretch, but it seem I've not been stretching enough...

Tomorrow's run... just five miles. Piece of cake.


  1. I admire you so much myfriend. I'm proud of myself right now for making 2.5 miles and I'm planning on a 2.8 - 3 miler at the weekend but 12 miles? Not this year ;)

  2. i'm proud of you too, foxxy.
    it's not about how far we go, it's about the fact that we're getting out there and doing it. setting goals, and working toward them.