Tuesday, February 17, 2015

at last, snow!

these deer were out on our road during our drive to work this morning, eating salt...

I am an unabashed lover of winter... but, real winter... with snow. None of this grey and chilly for 3 months nonsense. Give me mountains of snow!!

This morning when I let the dogs out at 5:17, I braced myself for the cold... but the winds of the last few days have finally dropped. There are about six lovely, soft and hushed inches of snow covering everything I could see, and my heart started singing!

Maya and Remy had a good old race and romp about the back yard... kicking up clouds of snow. And I broke out the shovel and cleared the deck, in my slippers and bathrobe.

There are lots of closures this morning, and the roads were not great. But, I tell you what... if the pool is closed this evening and I miss swim practice... Remy and I are going for a long and snowy run tonight. And that won't make me sad at all.

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