Monday, February 23, 2015

she made it look like dancing

so, I went to the gym to ride the bike this evening... but there was a Zumba class just starting right next door, and it looked like fun.

man, am I white!

and 40-something!

those moves just aren't in my repertoire...

I tell you what though... when I wasn't flailing about, facing the opposite direction from everybody else, and laughing at my own attempts at booty shaking... the instructor had us do a LOT of squats and ab work, and made it look like dancing.

After an hour of that, I got on the bike.... felt good. Felt stable. Felt familiar.... but, kind of boring.

So, I'll Zumba again next week... why not? If I can learn to swim, I can learn to Zumba... there's no drowning in Zumba.

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