Tuesday, February 3, 2015

obstacles to training as scheduled

I borrowed a trainer for my bike from a friend last weekend, and thought I had solved my "bike training in winter" problems.

Last night's workout was supposed to be 25 minutes of riding. So, I put on my bike shorts, set up the trainer and then tried to affix my bike to it... and, it won't work with my bike. At least, not without purchasing an adapter for my bike such that it will work in this particular trainer.


Three days into training and I've already missed a workout. Tomorrow's ride will have to take place at the gym, which I am fortunate enough to be able to go to, but which is certainly not as convenient (or as appealing) as riding in my living room.

This weekend, I will track down the necessary adapter. I am already feeling a little overwhelmed by the actuality of 6 days a week training, and at least 3 evenings a week away from home (at the pool).  So, removing any excuses or other impediments to doing my training is my best plan of attack.

When marathon training, I know that if I do all the scheduled weekly training, I will finish strong and probably have a good race time. But I also know I can get through the marathon without doing ALL of the training. Which, let's face it, is what happened last season with RNR NOLA training.

I can't do that now. I'm not a strong cyclist, and I'm a terrible swimmer... and the only way to change that is to do ALL of the training.

And so... I shall endeavor to do all of the training. Starting tonight with my first "on my own" swim practice (which I'm kind of dreading).

**claps hands, throws them in the air and shouts "YES!!"**

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